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Amazing Chocolate Bread| Featured Recipe
This last week, I had the honor of getting to sit down with author Laurel Woodward and discuss gardening,...
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Comforting Easy Potato Soup
On cold winter nights or even cool spring nights sometimes a bowl of soup is exactly what the soul needs. When...
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Priestess of the Morrigan | A Review
Several years ago I had been terrified of the Morrigan and yet so curious about her. I knew of her yet...
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Blackthorn's Protection Magic | A Review
When it comes to terms of protection we always need to be vigilant in our physical world as well as our...
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Loki and Sigyn | A Review
I have been dedicated to Loki for many years now, so when I saw Loki and Sigyn by Lea Svendsen advertised...
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Pagan's Black Beans
When I was growing up, my mom and grandmother always seemed to have a pot of pinto beans ready each week...
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A Modern Pagan's Guide to Homesteading

Every year more people are turning to homesteading as a way of life, but many are also seeking the spiritual connection to the land and a life of abundance and simplicity.  Are you too seeking abundance, through self-sufficiency and a deeper connection to your everyday spiritual practice?

Join me on this adventure by exploring the journey of homesteading and paganism.