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Chocolate Bread
Amazing Chocolate Bread| Featured Recipe
This last week, I had the honor of getting to sit down with author Laurel Woodward and discuss gardening, sustainable cooking and living, and kitchen witchery....
Homestead Prep: February Edition
It is February here in Tennessee, and that means it is time to start prepping for our projects here on the homestead. Even though it is still cold and...
5 Authentic Reasons to Start Homesteading in 2022
We have seen so many people longing to have a more self-sufficient life, so here are five reasons why you should start homesteading in 2022!
Tomato Garden
How to Make a Homestead Plan for the Year
Planning is an integral part of a successful homestead and January is the perfect time to start planning the new year and our projects.
Welcome to our Homestead
Welcome to our journey on our homestead and it is much more than a self-sufficient life; it is a spiritual journey.