Featured Book | Mexican Sorcery

This week’s featured book is from my friends over at Weiser Books, Mexican Sorcery by Laura Davila. Mexican Sorcery Spell work, spiritual cleansing, herbal magic, how to protect against the Evil Eye, and cast, break, and avert hexes and curses. Mexican witchcraft, or brujeria, has long been an integral part of traditional Mexican culture that permeates …

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Powerful Juju | A Review

I have long been a lover of Najah Lightfoot’s work since I first saw her do a presentation on Tituba for the first virtual Witches Sabbat Conference. Immediately after the conference, I bought her book Good Juju and fell in love with her writing and inspirational words. Flash forward to now, and I have been enchanted again …

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Ossman and Steel’s Appalachian Folk Healing | A Review

I remember the stories and old-school remedies from my grandmother and great-grandmother that they used to recommend, and I always wondered where some of those remedies emerged. I grew into a modern world that was shying away from herbal and home remedies. It is always fascinating to see the history of treatments and how modern …

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