Hooked | A Dark Love Review

For months I saw recommendations and reviews of Emily McIntire’s book Hooked and grew increasingly curious. However, it wasn’t until someone described their experience with the book in a TikTok video that I immediately added it to my to-be-read list. Hooked has been this buzzing haunting story that has been calling my name for weeks. Rightfully so, too. It lived up to the hype and more!

Hooked by Emily McIntire

I will be the first to admit I am not a big fan of Peter Pan, but Hooked is not what I would call a complete Peter Pan retelling, but rather a Peter Pan inspiration. While many know Peter Pan as a cute children’s story, Hooked will forever come to my mind when the story is mentioned. This dark story is perfect, and Emily makes you fall madly in love with the villain, Hook. The modern tale between Hook and Wendy is everything one would expect from a dark romance.

Hooked is 10/10 read and one of the best books of the year for me!

James, or Hook, is an unforgettable character that haunts my dreams (and book boyfriend fantasies). He is charming, devilishly handsome, and dangerous in all the best ways. But, while he is a villain, you also find he is not the only villain. However, he is the one most worthy of love.

Wendy is another one of my favorite characters from this book. I despised Wendy from the original Peter Pan story. I found her to be whiny at best. However, Wendy from Hooked is a character that grows from being underestimated to finding her voice and power alongside a man who burns for her. Her character arc is precisely what it should be, impeccable.

In this story, we realize that some villains need love too. Maybe to heal, or perhaps just to live. Either way, Emily gives you the right dose of love for Hook! This book is a 10/10, and Emily McIntire is now my must-buy author! I cannot recommend this book enough!

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Hooked | A Dark Love Review
For months I saw recommendations and reviews of Emily McIntire’s book Hooked and grew increasingly curious....

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