Llewellyn’s Datebook and Almanacs for 2023 | A Review

It is the start of the new year, and one of my favorite parts is the new planners, calendars, and almanacs. Between my MS and my neurodivergent brain, I need to write everything down in multiple places to stay (somewhat) organized. This is why I love the combination of traditional planners, bullet journals, and almanacs to help keep me on track. I love that Llewellyn always has me covered for whatever I need regarding planning! This year I am so excited to dive into the planner, the spell-a-day almanac, and the herbal almanac!

A Witchy Planner for Your Magical Year

My favorite planner is Llewellyn’s Witch’s Datebook! I get a copy every year, which always brings me so much joy. The difference between a traditional datebook and Llewellyn’s is all of the spells, recipes, meditations, and information from the various voices in the witchcraft community. I often get busy with life, and my spiritual practice gets moved to the back burner, but the planner and the almanacs bring the spiritual focus back to the forefront. This planner also has the perfect amount of space for important reminders and is great for seeing your week at a glance. The planner has been published annually for over 20 years, bringing joy and magic to our lives year after year!

Witch's Datebook 2023

The 2023 planner has fantastic contributions from authors such as Kate Freuler, Kelden, Thorn Mooney, Astrea Taylor, and many more! Some of my favorite things to dive into this year are Kelden’s Beginner Flying Ointment, Astrea Taylor’s Magic for Springtime, and Autumn Damiana’s Magical Snacks!

A Magical Almanac to Enchant Your Year

As many of you know, I love to create and cast spells that are often straightforward. I love the Spell-A-Day Almanac for this reason. The spells, celebrations, and meditations listed on those pages fit perfectly into my life. However, the chaotic energy of life can sometimes make it hard to remember to grow our practice daily. This almanac offers many spells and magical creations from some of my favorite amazing authors, including Kate Freuler, Jason Mankey, Mat Auryn, Devin Hunter, Tudorbeth, and many more! Each day the almanac pairs you with a spell to enhance the energy of that day. So whether it be success, money, home, or cleansing, you will be set for that day! This almanac has something for everyone!

2023 Spell-A-Day Almanac

An Almanac to Make Your Garden Magical

Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac is a new addition to my yearly line up for 2023. Here on the homestead, our lives revolve around the garden and the abundance it brings us. I love the plant and growing focus of this almanac. It makes my heart sing with the inspiration it brings to the garden. I also love that it has a garden planner to keep my plans straight for the entire growing season! If you are an avid gardener or looking to begin gardening, this is an amazing resource to use throughout the year! There are excellent contributions from unique voices such as JD Walker, Diana Rajchel, Jill Henderson, Autumn Damiana, and many more!

2023 Herbal Almanac

Llewellyn also makes other almanacs, calendars, and planners that are highly worth checking out for your journey through 2023!

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