Mastering Magick | A Review

When it comes to magickal books, there are millions of them to choose from, and sometimes, knowing which one is best for you and your practice is challenging. I first read Mat Auryn’s book Psychic Witch back in 2021, and it is one of the best witchcraft books I have ever read to this day. So when I heard of his second book, Mastering Magick, I knew I was in for a magickal treat!

Mastering Magick

Mat has a beautiful way of writing that brings you into his world as if you were his personal student. Mastering Magick was the perfect follow-up to Psychic Witch. Each story and exercise was as close to an “advanced” magickal text as one could find. Mat, in his book, even talks about this very thing. Advanced magickal texts do not genuinely exist because the advanced part is the practice and journey of you, the practitioner. A few years ago, I was also one of those witchs searching for the next text to further my craft, but I was disappointed when I didn’t find the advanced section. I also had to learn on my own that advancement comes from within. However, Mat has done a beautiful job of building on the basics from Psychic Witch to further our magickal journey with Mastering Magick.

Mastering Magick is a must have for every witch!

Every step you take with Mat during your journey through his book is a jaw-dropping and stunning experience that allows us to remember that we are all fantastic magickal beings. It was also exciting to see the various contributions from some of my favorite well-known voices and teachers within the witchcraft community. These voices include Laura Tempest Zakroff, Devin Hunter, Jake Richards, Madame Pamita, Judika Illes, and many others!

Mastering Magick now sits in the “best books I have ever read” category in my recommendations list! Mat Auryn and his works are a blessing to all willing to learn to enchant your life and your path. Mastering Magick is a book I recommend every witch has in their library to refer to over and over again.

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