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Mastering Magick | A Review
When it comes to magickal books, there are millions of them to choose from, and sometimes, knowing which one is best for you and your practice is challenging....
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Ossman and Steel's Appalachian Folk Healing | A Review
I remember the stories and old-school remedies from my grandmother and great-grandmother that they used to recommend, and I always wondered where some...
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Blackthorn's Botanical Wellness | A Review
It is the new year, and many people seek to start their new year off fresh. I am also one of those people. So, I make and renew some goals I wish to accomplish...
The Witch's Guide to the Paranormal Cover
The Witch's Guide to the Paranormal | A Review
Many could argue that I am a dark soul who has been drawn more to the spirit world than the world of the living. So it is not surprising to find that I...
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Trick or Treat Tarot | A Review
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a spooky soul. I love all things Halloween and even most of my Halloween décor stays up year-round as my normal décor....
Little Book of The Day of The Dead
The Day of the Dead | A Review
I love autumn, and there is something special about the chill of the air and the feeling as the veil thins. I grew up in northern New Mexico, and I remember...
Weiser Tarot
The Weiser Tarot Deck | A Divination Review
The newly released Weiser Tarot deck has finally been released! I am excited to share the beauty of this deck with you. For anyone who knows me or listens...
The Shamanic Soul Book Cover
The Shamanic Soul | A Review
I sat down one cool fall morning to start Daniel Moler’s book The Shamanic Soul, little did I know I would be sitting in my reading corner for the...
Chocolate Bread
Amazing Chocolate Bread| Featured Recipe
This last week, I had the honor of getting to sit down with author Laurel Woodward and discuss gardening, sustainable cooking and living, and kitchen witchery....
Priestess of the Morrigan Cover
Priestess of the Morrigan | A Review
Several years ago I had been terrified of the Morrigan and yet so curious about her. I knew of her yet all I had heard from other witches was “she is too...
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