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Chocolate Bread
Amazing Chocolate Bread| Featured Recipe
This last week, I had the honor of getting to sit down with author Laurel Woodward and discuss gardening, sustainable cooking and living, and kitchen witchery....
Potato soup with a slice of bread
Comforting Easy Potato Soup
On cold winter nights or even cool spring nights sometimes a bowl of soup is exactly what the soul needs. When it comes to comfort soups two come...
Pagan's Black Beans
When I was growing up, my mom and grandmother always seemed to have a pot of pinto beans ready each week to go with many of our meals. Beans were a regular...
Bramble drink
Loki’s Fire Lemonade for Beltane
Happy and Blessed Beltane! Beltane is one of the many fire festivals, but it is also a time of fertility and healing to the land. On our homestead, we...
Chicken Tortilla Soup
The Most Addictive Chicken Tortilla Soup
During winter I long a comforting bowl of soup, and the soup that my family seems to be obsessed with these days is my Chicken Tortilla Soup.