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The Shamanic Soul | A Review

I sat down one cool fall morning to start Daniel Moler’s book The Shamanic Soul, little did I know I would be sitting in my reading corner for the next four hours. I was glued to his book turning page after page absorbing the text like it was breathing life into my very soul. Many of the spiritual books I read have enchanted me in one way or another, but Daniel’s book is by far the best book I have read to date in 2022!

Daniel’s captivating storytelling brings you into glimpses of his life and training within shamanism. In each story of his life, he brings teachings and lessons that allow the reader to begin their training in shamanism. Daniel allows the reader to start at the beginning of the shamanic journey with little to no practice and bring them forth into the deep work.

Shamanism is a way of life

Though there were so many amazing passages and teachings from this book, this was by far one of my favorites.  “Remember, shamanic training and practice is not a goal to achieve. There is no award for whoever is the most “shamanic.” Shamanism is a way of life. It is the root of all spiritual paths because there is no intermediary between you and the universe. Shamanic practice engages us with the most primal aspects of the world and the self. Therefore, building your relationship with dreamtime is vital; it is the root connection you have with the great mystery of life.”

This is a book I would highly recommend to anyone interested in shamanism! Not only is it captivating, it is also incredibly informative. If you are looking to start a journey into shamanism, then this is the book you need to pick up!

If you are interested in hearing more about this book and the rest of Daniel’s works check out the interview I did with him on my podcast, Pagan’s Witchy Corner!

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