The Wildwood Way | A Review

Have you ever read a captivating book that you forgot you were reading a book? I had this happen with Cliff Seruntine’s book The Wildwood Way. Cliff’s book is about his homesteading journey and connecting with nature spiritually. It is perfect for anyone looking to add more spirituality to their work with the natural world.

The Wildwood Way

Cliff is a homesteader, practicing shaman, and psychotherapist. His insights from his life led him to write an enchanting book that sucks you into his world of connecting with nature and living off the land from page one. I found myself forgetting that I was reading non-fiction much of the time while reading Cliff’s book. His way of storytelling is a form of magic on its own.

The Wildwood Way is the perfect balance between wildcraft and spiritual craft!

The book connects the reader with nature and allows us to journey into the natural world with Cliff as our guide. As a homesteader, my heart was singing throughout his book because it illuminated all the aspects of homesteading and spiritual living I adore. If you are looking for a book that combines homesteading, bushcraft, and shamanism, I would recommend this book with the utmost praise! Allow Cliff to enchant you and bring you into the world to connect with nature and all her splendor!

The Wildwood Way offers an awe-inspiring look into the practical and spiritual insights that manifest while living as one with nature. Cliff Seruntine has spent most of his life in wild places and takes the reader on a magical and engaging journey into the inner life of the natural world. He shows us how to forge a strong connection with the land through homesteading, hunting, gathering, harvesting, and living in gentle harmony with the spirit presences within these places. For those seeking to enhance their connection to the nature, The Wildwood Way will prove to be a profound and uplifting read.

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