The Witch’s Guide to the Paranormal | A Review

Many could argue that I am a dark soul who has been drawn more to the spirit world than the world of the living. So it is not surprising to find that I love working with the paranormal. So when I saw J. Allen Cross’s book The Witch’s Guide to the Paranormal, I knew it had to have a home on my shelves.

A Paranormal Guide I Couldn't Put Down

When I began to devour the pages of this book, I felt like sitting down with an old friend to learn and share coffee. J. has an incredibly comfortable writing voice and is often quite humorous. He also has a way of making the vast amounts of information easy to digest.

J. brings many practical magical growth tips and exercises to witches who may be new to paranormal work. They are not complicated or too advanced for most witches. That being said, this book is more beneficial to those with a good understanding of witchcraft basics. Could you read this book and not be a witch? Absolutely! J. offers so much to those who may be interested in working with the paranormal safely and ethically.

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J. Offers Practical and Ethical Investigation Guidelines

One of the many things I love about this book is the ethical paranormal investigation tips J. offers readers. Too often, we see the unethical treatment of spirits, people, and places during investigations. Being curious about the paranormal world is one thing, but we should never go in with disrespect to anyone or anything. I would also like to mention that having good boundaries is not the same as disrespect. J. talks about many ways to be an ethical investigator, including having good boundaries and ethically investigating. It brings so much joy to my spooky little heart.

J. makes you feel a bit like he is your personal paranormal Gandalf, preparing you for your journeys and adventures into the supernatural realms. I believe this book should be the starting point for anyone interested in the paranormal world. In addition, I highly recommend this book to the witches who want to practice safe and ethical work with spirits. So if you are interested in paranormal work, pick up a copy today! 

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