Thrifty Witchery | A Review

When it comes to witchcraft books, many are often filled with similar knowledge and information. This is not to say it is bad, but some books stand out above the rest. Thrifty Witchery is one of the books that brings new breath into traditional witchcraft. The authors Martha Kirby Capo and Vincent Higginbotham bring an exquisite work to the world to illustrate that witchcraft can be unique and powerful without all the flare of expensive tools and products.

Thrifty Witchery

Thrifty Witchery is one of the best books I could recommend for beginners to the craft. With the author’s melded voices bring this easy read to life with a beautiful tone. One of my favorite aspects of this book is the importance of self-empowerment and realizing you are the most essential aspect of your craft. Martha and Vincent put this at the forefront of the book. So, you can get in touch with your power before dipping your toes into the waters of tools and spellcraft.

Thrifty Witchery is a book for every witch's library!

This is a book I wish I could have started with in my practice! Witchcraft is more than just learning about things in books, it is a living, breathing practice, and Martha and Vincent bring this to life within the pages of their book. They give you a proper foundation to determine what is next for your individual path and how you wish to see it grow.

Thrifty Witchery is now one of my most recommended books for new practitioners. Naturally, the eco-friendly and budget-friendly practices within these pages speak to my heart. However, the most important message that makes me recommend this book time and time again is the importance of practicing your craft your way.

This is a book I would recommend all add to their libraries. Whether you are new to the craft or have been practicing for years, it offers valuable insights, techniques, and practices to make your practice uniquely yours. The authors share their knowledge and life experiences to provide an accessible guide catering to diverse needs. This book is sure to be an enjoyable read that you will come back to often.

Guess what? I had the pleasure of chatting with Martha and Vincent on my podcast, Pagan’s Witchy Corner, about this fantastic book, and it was honestly so fun! If you want to hear our chat, you should check it out! It was an incredible conversation! It is available on your favorite podcast players and YouTube!

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